My Ex Still Talks To Me – What Should I Do?

14A little bit of forgetfulness can actually do good.” says Mia Summers in a book that talks about breaking up and getting an ex back for good.

It was said that breaking up proffers a tough experiences. Emotional trials like this peppers life to make human savor the exact connotation of love and life. Life in the absence of love is tedious. On the other hand, love without life is unappealing. It was perceived that no matter how well you live life like a genius, it does not go in the same way with love.

In most cases, a broken relationship does not end in communication’s total blackout. There remains recently split up couples who still continuously contact the other. In spite of the fact that this scenario happens very infrequently, it remains to be plausible. Therefore, it’s better to be acquainted with it this early than to get drowned with the bewilderment as to how to deal with it when it happens.

My Ex Still Talks To Me… So What Now?

The moment the relationship breaks, couples tend to cut off everything that bridges them with one another. They close their heart’s door for love in order to steer clear from its bitter sweet grin. In this manner, having an ex who still manages to casually say “hi” to the other is amazingly one in a million.

Nonetheless, being trapped in this situation is tougher than dealing with an ex who refrains from getting in touch with you. Why? Bewilderment and confusion. These are just two of the possible emotions that might assault you the moment your ex acts as if nothing happened between you and him or her. You’ll come to ask yourself “Why is my ex acting this way?” or “What is the purpose behind this?” I understand how confused you are at this moment. Believe me. I’ve there.

There could be a lot of implications of these actions from your ex. It first would be that they’re working on a strategy towards getting you back. It’s also the most common one. If that’s the case it’s your call. You better decide whether you want to reconsider the relationship or move on.

I know it might sound ridiculous but honestly human nature is often that predictable. The more you control your feeling from getting obvious, the more it will grow to be such.

If that’s not the case, they’re probably just trying to approach you as a friend and nothing else. Then again let’s not drop the possibility that your ex might be planning something towards his or her advantage. He might want to play games with you for the purpose of causing you more pain. It’s all possible. Be conscious, read between the lines.

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